Trump reveals plans to repatriate Britons trapped on COVID-19-infected ship

Donald Trump has revealed plans to allow British passengers trapped on a coronavirus-infected cruise ship where four people have died to return home.

More than 200 UK nationals have been left stranded after an outbreak of COVID-19 on the Zaandam cruise ship, which has been refused permission to dock in the US.

Four passengers have died on the cruise ship, including 75-year-old British man John Carter whose widow has been isolated and on her own since his death.

Mr Carter’s family have since pleaded with the US president and Florida authorities to allow the ship to dock.

In a White House briefing on Wednesday, Mr Trump confirmed plans to repatriate British passengers onboard the Zaandam and its sister ship the Rotterdam, which is carrying those without coronavirus-symptoms.

“We’re looking at the two ships,” he said.

“We have Canada notified. A lot of Canadians, a lot of British on the ship. Source: Skynews

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